At Squoze we want to bring the magic of our cold pressed organic juice philosophy to our beloved Ft. Worth community.

While there are other juice bars in the Fort, we want to create a lasting partnership with our community. We accomplish this by reaching out to local farmers for produce when it’s available, offering a subscription and delivery program for our customers and setting up what we call re use, recycle and re juice program.

This is a glass bottle return program that harkens back to the days of home milk deliveries. Our subscribers leave their used glass bottles out and we replace with a new batch of delicious fresh juice, done on a weekly basis. Our philosophy leaves no one out, as we also provide our left over pulp to farmers for feeding the pigs and chickens - we hear they love it!

Now that we’ve hopefully cleared the pandemic hurdle and life will return to a form of normal.

However, the Pandemic has created an interest and desire for healthier alternatives and ways to build strong immunity naturally. Our raw organic juice fills this need plus the added benefit, through our customers to support farmers, the environment and Mother earth.

By purchasing the best equipment on the market, we’ve invested in what’s most Important in starting our business- the taste and quality of our juice.

Our machines are made by goodnature, a family owned co. That has been making juicers for over 40 years. The juicer is the heart of the juice business and this machine sets us apart from our competitors. In addition, we have years of experience in restaurants and customer service. Me in management and my partner in waitressing and bartending here in Ft. Worth. Speaking of our team we are a daughter/ father team that share a passion for fitness and a healthy

As previously stated, Squoze is a family business.

As a child in the 70's I spent a lot of time in downtown Ft. Worth. My mother worked on 4th street between Commerce and Main at a place called Rios Jewelers, which is now long gone. I remember riding the subway at Leonards, eating hamburgers at Famous and buying records at what is now Haltom's Jewelers. These were some of the best years of my life. Mainly because of the great people, businesses and the lively hustle and bustle of good old downtown Ft. Worth. It's saddened me to see downtown hit a bit of a rough patch lately.

However, things are definitely on the way up with all the amazing things Sundance is doing. Squoze would love to be a part of the resurgence! We want to serve the downtown businesses and be a positive healthy option. We'll offer something that's fresh, tastes great, kind to the environment and is made with help from our local farms.

We want to offer delivery, catering and to be available for pop ups and special events. Squoze is our passion- a family passion! We're not corporate, we're homegrown, just like our tagline says made in fwtx4fwtx. - Anthony